Wheel of Fortune Fall Foliage 2017

Here are the bonus puzzles from Wheel of Fortune (September 25 – 29, 2017), featuring Fall Foliage.

Mon 9-25-17 Wheel: $16,400 + $35,000
On Jeopardy: $24,200
Freddy Villa on Wheel of Fortune (9-25-2017)
Freddy Villa only got an M out of his letter choices. Pat Sajak didn’t think that was going to be enough and encouraged Freddy to sound it out. Freddy sounded it out, all right– he supplied the answer as soon as the clock started, racking up an extra $35K. Total payout: $51,400

Tue 9-26-17 Wheel: $15,500 + $0
On Jeopardy: $36,000
Jacob Hopgood on Wheel of Fortune (9-26-2017)
Jacob Hopgood made two O’s appear in his Bonus puzzle with the letters he chose. Alas, that just wasn’t much help to him so he missed out on an extra $35,000 and it turned out to be one of the rare days that the WoF payout was less than Jeopardy!’s.

Wed 9-27-17 Wheel: $26,390 + $32,760
On Jeopardy: $23,900
Katie Kirby on Wheel of Fortune (9-27-2017)
Katie Kirby picked the magic letters to practically complete the second word and the first one was a breeze for her. That earned her a brand new Mazda SVU worth $32,760 for a grand total of $59,150 in cash and prizes.

Thu 9-28-17 Missed game due to Thursday Night Football
On Jeopardy: $36,200
Contributed by Richard Corliss: The Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Answer was PIZZA PARLOR, the category was Place. Mike’s letters were C D P A G, he had $16,950 + $35,000 = $51,950. He started on the buzzer. But the staff wanted to make sure he got it right.

Fri 9-29-17 Wheel: $18,480 + $0
On Jeopardy: $27,000
Kim Knotts on Wheel of Fortune (9-29-2017)
Kim Knotts didn’t get any additional help from the letters she chose which was sad. In her consonants, she was on either side of one of the letters that would have done her some good. She lost out on a Mazda SVU.


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