World War One Trivia

Beef up your knowledge of World War I with this 25 Interesting Facts video from List25. We’ve also collected a dozen random Jeopardy! clues — they are in addition to the video, and they are not necessarily in war categorie.

ALL THE GLITTERING PRIZES $1200: This World War I U.S. Army general won the Pulitzer Prize for history in 1932

WORLD WAR I $2000: The Allies suffered around 250,000 casualties trying unsuccessfully to reopen this strait also known as the Hellespont

BALLPLAYERS IN UNIFORM $1200: During World War I, this ferocious Tiger made a peach of a U.S. Army captain

VETERANS $800: In 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, thousands of World War I vets known as this “Army” marched on Washington to demand payment of urgently needed benefits

NOTABLE WOMEN $1000: As queen of the Netherlands, she saw her country through 2 World Wars

W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM $1200: “The Hairless Mexican” & “The Traitor” are 2 of Maugham’s stories drawn from his exploits as a spy in this war

WORLD WAR I $2000: In early 1918 this French general was named Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces on the Western Front

FRENCH COMPOSERS $1600: A decade before composing “Bolero”, he served as a driver in World War I

SHE-ROES $1000: Profession of Edith Cavell, executed during World War I for helping allied soldiers escape German-occupied Belgium

THE ONLY PRESIDENT WHO… $800: served on active duty in the Army during World War I & World War II

The last two were FINAL JEOPARDY clues:

“FIRST” PHRASES: The earliest known use of this term was in an Indianapolis Star opinion piece of September 20, 1914

HISTORIC ROYALTY: These two men seen here, allies during World War I, were sometimes mistaken for each other

first cousins clue in Jeopardy

That last one was recycled in the April 15, 2016 match as this $200 clues in ODDS & ENDS: Note the family resemblance between (the name of the man) on the right and this first cousin on the left.

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