Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Week

Now it’s Secret Santa Week on Wheel of Fortune and we’re posting the Bonus Puzzle with the winner’s final prize amount. By way of comparison, the Jeopardy! payoff is also included with a link to the recap of that game.

Mon 12-11-17 Wheel: $13,700
On Jeopardy: $24,801
Margie Alston on Wheel of Fortune (12-11-2017)
Margie Alston added an H and two I’s to her puzzle. Unfortunately they were not in words that may have pointed her in some direction to the activity.It’s not particularly my idea of Fun & Games anyhow. The card contained $45,000.

Tue 12-12-17 Wheel: $16,800
On Jeopardy: $7,999
Matthew Hollis on Wheel of Fortune (12-12-2017)
Matthew Hollis only got a G out of letter choices. The category name helped him figure out the last word, but there just wasn’t enough there to give him a bead on the first word. He didn’t win an extra $35,000.

Wed 12-13-17 Wheel: $68,387
On Jeopardy: $32,401
Jeremie Ballinger on Wheel of Fortune (12-13-2017)
Jeremie Ballinger knew the solution before he began picking letters. When he picked just the right ones, Pat Sajak chuckled and said: “He’s toying with us.” Jeremie almost doubled his $33,387 from the main game with an extra $35,000.

Thu 12-14-17 Wheel: $20,750
On Jeopardy: $22,001
Tim Morgan on Wheel of Fortune (12-14-2017)
Tim Morgan had the $1 million wedge in his wheel. He got a G, a D and two Os from his letters. This helped him with the last 3 words but that -ing suffix in the first word led him astray. (It wasn’t a verb). He missed out on a Toyota.

Fri 12-15-17 Wheel: $56,608
On Jeopardy: $21,601
Krista Munday on Wheel of Fortune (12-15-2017)
This was another instance in the same week where the contestant knew the bonus puzzle. Some folks are just that good at word puzzles! Krista Munday proved she is one of them with her letter choices and Pat Sajak joked to the audience to keep quiet because he didn’t think she would get it. She won a Toyota worth $27,114 to top off her $29,494 haul in the main game.


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