Vinny and Angelina: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Tuning in to episode 7 season 2 of “Jersey Shore,” the venom, fake nails, hair extensions and even the turkey sandwich are all flying as Sammi and JWoww go at it, picking up the fight where we left off at the end of episode 6. Ronnie thinks Vinny started the conflict and pushes Vinny, causing Snooki to jump in the fray. She accuses Angelina of providing the info in the anonymous letter and Vinny, for his part, is hellbent on exposing Angelina as a shady lady.

When Angelina and The Situation end up working in the gelato shop together, the Staten Island patsy says she knows they’re all talking about her. Mike lets her in on the not-so-secret scoop that Vinny doesn’t like her, but why should this bother Angelina? “He’s not even good looking,” Angelina informs Mike, “So he has to jump off the ‘I’m good looking’ train, because he’s ugly.” Jose, who presumably is better looking, shows up to give Angelina a Fossil watch and Mike tells us how much he thinks that set Jose back. Maybe $39.99, but that’s enough to make Paulie D think that Angelina should let Jose “hit that.”

Vinny continues his quest to bring Angelina down by informing Sammi that — it’s true– Angelina told Snooki and Jenni what to write in the note. (Wethinks Vinny has a secret agenda since all of this has nothing to do with him in the first place and is it really Angelina’s fault, Vinny? Did she twist the arms of the sneaky twits known as Snooki and JWoww?)

When next Angelina and Vinny are in the same room, she calls him out as the troublemaker that he is and they exchange verbal insults. She says he’s just a “truck driver” who “brings home skanks.” Vinny says she’s not the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island by a long shot, she’s really Rob Kardashian!

Any future of romantic bliss between Angelina and Jose goes down the drain when Jose demonstrates possessiveness in a phone call, telling Angelina that she needs to “behave” when she goes out to the club. Angelina calls him daddy in a sarcastic tone to convey that he’s not the boss of her, but Jose blows that one too. “I like it when you call me daddy,” he says, so Angelina decides to find someone new.

At the end of night, as if we didn’t see it coming, Vinny and Angelina are in each other’s arms in the back of the cab and end up in bed together, lending more proof to that old adage: “There’s a thin line between love and hate.”

Of course, anyone who knows anything knows that this is all fake as hell, and just as staged as Pumkin spitting on New York in the “Flavor of Love.” So it would have been better if they actually went real Hollywood with it, you know — like Angelina and Vinny ending up attacking each other with wild fury that turns to wild passion in a lot less than 40 minutes.

The fun will continue in a special extra episode of “Jersey Shore” right before the VMAs this Sunday at 7 p.m. So get enough chips and dips for an extra hour of MTV.

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