The Sausage King and the Friendship Ring

We’re watching the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and whoa– the friendship ring that Ben gave Adrian is really worth $50,000! Betty didn’t know the ring was worth anything, but Ben’s dad, Leo (The Sausage King), came across it in Betty’s secret hiding place: a fake book entitled “Fake Book.” He had it appraised and informs Ben and Betty what the ring is worth. Betty gets all excited and says she feels like she’s on the American Roadshow. They want Ben to get the 4-carat sapphire ring back from Adrian.

We think the problem will be solved with Adrian giving the ring back and never finding out what it is worth, but Ben goes off to get advice on how he can come up with $50,000 and not have to ask Adrian for the ring back.

But really – what kind of baloney, er — mortadell’ is this? Ben’s dad, Leo, is always playing the straight serious responsible dude. Once he had the ring appraised and found out it was worth 50Gs, why didn’t he tell Betty what it was worth and why would he let her continue to keep such an expensive ring in a fake book named “Fake Book” anyway. If he had informed Betty of the ring’s value, they could have put the ring in a safer place and Betty, of course, would not have given away such a valuable trinket. Very irresponsible of the Sausage King!

So, technically, it is Leo’s fault that Betty had no idea she was giving away a $50,000 ring and he should be the one to cough up the money.

Oops! We’re wrong — Ben goes over and tells Adrian what the ring is worth and tells her that he intends to pay Betty for it because he wants Adrian to have it. Adrian does want to give it back at first, as a reflex reaction to finding out its worth. But Ben insists he wants her to keep it even if they never go beyond the level of friendship. “Okay,” Adrian says.

We still think The Sausage King ought to pay Betty for the ring.

Leo Boykewich – Steve Schirripa
Betty – Jennifer Coolidge
Ben – Ken Baumann
Adrian – Francia Raisa

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