Secret Life: What’s Eating Amy?

Amy’s unhappy and Ricky isn’t the only one who’s noticing. Lauren blows a fuse and tells Amy that she should be happy, because she didn’t end up preggers. She’s engaged and has a lot to be happy about. Instead Amy is so negative, she’s dragging Lauren down.

We know what’s eating Grace — she isn’t down with having a new half brother show up at the door or at school. Grace is outraged when she learns that Jacob told Katelyn O’Malley, the guidance counselor, that he is her brother. Grace’s mom, Kathleen, sends Jack over to talk to her. He finds her in her skivvies and she tells him that Jacob took away her dignity. Jack says it’s a bit hard to have dignity when she’s dressed like that and she retorts “Don’t look.” Adrian arrives and takes over the task of helping Grace adjust. It’s only a matter of time. Kathleen’s already adjusting and, after all, it was a bigger betrayal for her than for Grace and Tom.

What was with the big ABC build-up “Betty’s back.” Betty only showed up in one scene to collect her tuition check from Nora. Leo was hiding out in his office. Leo tries to come off like the all-wise and all-knowing Sausage King, but he can’t even handle a simple conversation with harmless Betty. We hate the way he avoids her and make faces because we don’t get what Betty ever did to deserve it. Nora expressed her admiration for Betty’s college degree ambition and Betty encouraged her to go back to school too. “The President wants you to.” Apparently so does Leo, but when he tried to bring it up, Nora shut him down. How silly. We’re sure generous Leo would have subsidized, if not paid for, her college education.

In pops Pudding Pop to impress upon Leo that he wants his daughter Dylan to be happy, but he doesn’t her happy and pregnant. Leo informs him that the kids are going to be together whether they like it or not and that Dylan and her friends have been in school with Ben all day. We don’t get to see the rest of Leo’s convo with Pudding Pop in his freezing office, but later, he tells Ben he can see Dylan if he wants, but if anything goes wrong, Ben will have to deal with the consequences himself. No more Daddy to the rescue.

Ricky was going to take John to the beach and ended up at George’s idea of a beach. When George continues to promote the notion that Anne is gay, Ricky calls him on it, asking him why that’s so important to him. Later, Kathleen shows up at George’s beach and George has her believing it’s true!

We also found out where Ashley went — off to Europe with mom, leading George and Ricky to think Amy is jealous because of that. We think Ashley is the last person in the whole Secret Life universe that Amy envies. But Ricky takes Amy on a date back to band camp in an effort to snap her out of whatever is weighing her down.

As for Dylan and her crew, we have to agree with Ben — she’s a bad influence. He may have meant it jokingly, but after that talk with Leo, he better start saving his pennies because it looks like trouble is inevitable!

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