Secret Life: The Games We Play Recap

What did we tell you? Betty’s gone and Leo wants to get with Camille before the ink is even dry on the divorce papers.

As we mentioned in some other recap, we find it quite strange that Camille managed to work for Leo for 20 something years, yet he had not a clue of her attraction to him or of his to her, but that’s not half as strange as Ricky telling his sorry life story to a toddler, who has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

Poor John. You get the feeling that he is going to be hearing this story for the next 20 something years or more. Amy, in the meantime, has no clue of Ricky’s plans to pop the question and spills all her plans to bring him around to Madison. She’ll seduce him with milkshakes and warm baths. She’ll even wash his hair. Madison finds Amy’s naivete hilarious, but Ricky loves it and even manages to wangle a neck massage.

Henry and Alice break-up after a long-term relationship that began in the third grade. Adrian’s last date, Dante, has not only left the building, he’s left the country to backpack around Europe without even saying bye-bye or respond to repeated texts and calls. Adrian insecurity only lasts until she comes across Dante’s brother, Omar. Not his brother, Adrian … Ay yi yi!

Begging, Begging You

Jack begs Madison to be his date for graduation so he doesn’t have to beg Grace again. Madison says okey-dokey … that is, until Lauren tells her to have some self-esteem. Jesse begged Lauren to go all the way and even said he loved her, but Lauren was strong and gave him the heave-ho so now she thinks Madison should follow her example. Then Lauren finds Jesse confessing his stupidity to a parrot and her willpower appears to melt. Wait till Madison finds out.

And where did that leave Jack? He had to go beg Daniel and Grace to date him. Yes, he asked them as a couple. Daniel has had enough of Grace’s strange entanglements and tells her straight up that if she wants to be with him, no mas. No Adrian, no mommy and especially no Jack. Grace didn’t look too pleased with that ultimatum.

Anne finds out Nora is staying with George, but that’s okay with her and George gets mad when the two future mothers-in-law hit it off.

Missing in Action

Whatever happened to the Tom, Rachel, Milton affair? Who knows? Maybe they will show up in an episode or two. Ashley and Toby also were not in this episode and Ethan is in juvie for the time being.

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