Secret Life Recap: Strange and Familiar

There were a LOT of strange things going on in the May 7, 2012 episode of The Secret Life.

Is Ben’s new girlfriend Dylan a psycho or what? She showed up unannounced and uninvited at Adrian’s just as Omar was leaving. Adrian was feeling bad so she called up Omar because she thought having sex would make her feel better, then when it didn’t, she told him to go home! And he was when Dylan showed up. Then — even stranger – he turned around and stayed. The three of them were sitting on the sofa when Ben showed up.

Leo called up Betty to come over and talk about dropping by. He wanted to tell her not to do it but first he told her about Camille’s ticking baby clock. He does not want any more kids. Clueless Betty offers to talk to Camille. Leo doesn’t have the heart to tell Betty not to drop by. He says he will call her occasionally to talk and maybe meet for lunch. Betty blows him a big sloppy kiss before leaving. We so like Betty better than Camille. She’s so cute. Maybe Leo does too but doesn’t know it yet.

Last week, Tom and Jacob got in a bit of trouble after Tom tried to drive Jacob over to see Grace. The trouble was he didn’t have a driver’s license so they ended up at the police station. George was going to take Kathleen to go get them but Ann was very leery of babysitting John. Amy flatly refused to get out of bed because she can’t stand to see her father go back to Kathleen.

Kathleen makes Tom move back in the house. She wants to give Grace’s room to Jacob and tells Grace she can have the guest house if she is more responsible AND talks to her half-brother.

Bunny makes an appearance to scold Ben about his late night adventures in the butcher shop with Dylan and makes him promise to never do it again. Adrian pops in while Ben is mocking Ricky for not getting Amy to set a wedding date. He learns from Adrian that the divorce papers came and that Leo never gave them to him. After she leaves, Ben texts Dylan and tells her he plans to go over to talk to Adrian after work. So that’s how Dylan got the 411 that Ben would be over there.

Amy complains to Ricky about George and Kathleen then interrogates Nora, who doesn’t want to be a snitch. Amy tricks Nora into snitching though with  a big lie about the way she feels: “it wouldn’t be  the worst thing in the world” if George was in love with Kathleen. When Nora tells her that George is in love with Kathleen “always has been, always will be,” Amy bursts into tears. Nora tells Ricky who wants to know if Ann is really gay and whether she has a thing for Ann.  Nora explains that Ann is not her type even if she is gay.

In France, Ann is having her own strange encounter with a gay French sales clerk. Ann left her passport at the store and the woman returned it. Ann was shocked to discover that the woman speaks English and understood everything she and Ashley talked about in the store. Ann declines the woman’s invitation for coffee or a drink, saying “perhaps some other time — or perhaps not.” The woman replies: “So I heard.” Totally cryptic!

Grace and Jacob talk at last. What starts out as a very wary conversation takes a totally different turn when Jacob points out that if they are in a contest, she wins. “He married your mother and he spent most of his life with you,” Jacob says. Grace also learns from Jacob that Dr. Bowman knew his mother before he knew Kathleen. Jacob makes Grace think his mother is Oprah Winfrey until she realizes he’s pulling her leg. These little prank endings are fun.

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