Secret Life: Property Not for Sale Recap

Man, that’s one strange title for the August 13th episode of Secret Life. The point they were apparently trying to make is that women are not objects and they even brought in a pimp and prostitution story line, so if the point was that women are not property, it’s like, huh?

How naive are you?
That was the line of the night. Leo asked Ben, Omar asked Adrian, a 15-year-old prostitute asked Jack. A lot of people are patting ABC Family on the back for “tackling” this important topic, and we would too, if it were not for the “how naive are you” business, particularly between Leo and Ben. Prostitution is not exactly something that a kid would think to ask their parents about and a lot of adults have the exact same attitude toward prostitution as Ben initially displayed.  They also made it seem like teen prostitutes are all conned or kidnapped, when many come from unhappy homes where they are already being abused. A girl like Adrian, who places no value at all on sex, is insecure and has low self-esteem (as has been previously provided as her subconscious reasons for sleeping with every Jack, Ben, Ricky and step-brother in town) would be an easy target for a pimp.  And yeah, we know, they couldn’t cover everything but still, where did Leo expect Ben to come by any knowledge at all about prostitution. As for Clementine and Omar and the teen prostitute, that made it seem like only street wise people know about prostitution. Absurd. But not half as absurd as cops busting in the room just when Jack is giving the teen prostitute some money so she can meet her quota and a kid snapping a photo of him doing it.

Ethan made a total ass out of himself when meeting Jonathan and Sonya, the couple that Kathy is giving her baby too. He gives them the third degree and Ricky has to go pick him up and take him home. His foster mother, Margaret, can’t believe that he sneaked out to go make an ass out of himself, but Ethan says he has a 6th sense about these things and doesn’t think the couple will make good parents. Margaret wants to know if his 6th sense told him that the potential father is the mayor of an award-winning community and his wife runs a non-profit daycare for people who can’t afford it.  

After his talk with his daddy, Ben apologizes to Alice and Amy for objectifying them. But the really big revelation in this episode was reserved for Dylan, who found out that Ben slept with Alice when they were dating. In spite of that blow, Dylan still teased Ben at school that she would accept a date with him if her parents weren’t still forbidding her to see him. Since when would that stop a sneaky little wench like Dylan? That’s how she ended up with Henry in the first place.

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