Secret Life: Pomp Recap

First let’s answer the Question of the Week: “Who plays Omar on Secret Life?” It’s De’Vaughn Nixon, who started out as a child actor. That’s him on the right in the role of Whitney Houston’s son, Fletcher, in the 1992 hit film “The Bodyguard.” His first credit in 1990 lists him as “Devaughn Walter Nixon.” Then he dropped the Walter. Then he was variously billed with De and Vaughn together or separate or with an apostrophe in between. His IMDB bio doesn’t give his date of birth but does state he’s been in the business for “over 20 years.”

Now on to the “Pomp” recap where the question of the hour is “Who will get to go to Jesse’s lake house for a graduation party?” It’s 50 miles away and Jesse’s parents won’t be there. Lauren and Madison are begging their dads for permission. Dr. Fields and Mr. Cooperstein are so against it, but you can see they will cave. Amy, in the meantime, is pleading with Ricky to go, but Ricky has special plans and he is not going to cave. Still it unintentionally highlights a big difference between ol’ Ame and the Rickster. She likes to go out and be with friends while he is invariably anti-social. As they say in marital counseling, that was a huge red flag.

Grace tries to make Adrian see that despite her failure to respect boundaries in the past, this time she is going way overboard if she plans to take up with Omar. “It’s his brother, Adrian!” Grace explodes. The conversation is interrupted by Ben who has been invited to the party with Adrian, because Jesse isn’t up on their current status? Adrian asks if she can bring whoever she wants, like Grace. “Whatever,” Ben says, he’d loved to see her interested in anyone other than Ricky.

Adrian runs into Ricky outside the counselor’s office and Ricky tells her not to go to the same school as him. Adrian tells him she loves him and plans to sleep with him again. He can count on that. Katelyn tells Adrian she can graduate on stage and then informs Ricky that he ended up with the highest scores and is now going to be valedictorian. Anti-social Ricky wants to decline but Katelynn says he can’t.

Alice informs Ben that she and Henry have decided that they will “share custody” of him and take visitation turns. Who thinks this stuff up? Henry clues Ben in on the terms: “She gets you Thanksgiving Day, I get you Thanksgiving night. She gets Christmas and I get New Year’s …” Ben says it’s ridiculous, which it is, but not as ridiculous as Henry thinking that Alice said he stole her “chi” (life energy).

Leo returns from lunch and Nora tells him Camille called and wants to have an “afterward drink” if he has time. Nora hopes Camille doesn’t want her job back. “I would never give her the job back,” Leo says, “the job is all yours.” Silly Nora, Camille’s next job is going to be Mrs. Sausage King and executives’ wives don’t work in the office. Just then, Betty calls up crying. Her mom died so Leo arranges for the corporate jet to take her to the funeral. At the airport, Betty worries about the wings falling off the airplane. Then she meets a sleazy divorce lawyer. Yay! Betty’s still on the show.

Jack confides his love for Grace in Katelyn, who tells him things have a way of working out. If he doesn’t get back together with Grace, he may find someone else. She also wants him to say the graduation prayer and encourages him to enlist Grace’s help. Meddling again. Grace laughs when he tells her, “You’re like the worst public speaker ever,” but she gives him a hug and promises to help: “It will be my graduation present to you.”

George has a theory about the friendship between Nora and Anne. He thinks that they like “like” each other and they can all live together and ….? We don’t want to go there, but George did share his twisted insights with Ricky: “That would mean the whole time I was cheating, I had a reason to cheat because my ex-wife is gay. That would mean that nothing was my fault. It was all her fault. If those two hit it off, I hit the jackpot.” Nora is very upset, because she thinks Anne will kick her out.

Lauren is very close to getting permission for the party but she is getting cold feet, worrying that Jesse may turn into a date rapist. He won’t, will he? Madison is not happy that Adrian was invited. Tom tells Jack he wants to get invited to the party. Kathleen is thinking of taking a trip to Kenya and stay in a resort with her husband Jeff for a week.

Omar shows up at Adrian’s just to plant a big smooch on her. She’s not the only one without boundaries it seems. Omar tells her he just ruined it for her. If she ever kisses her old boyfriend again, she’s going to be thinking about him. Omar says when she is sure she’s no longer in love with “that man,” she should let him know. Adrian tells Grace Omar’s kiss was “powerful and hypnotic,” and now she has to kiss Ricky to make sure it’s over.

Leo tells Ben how lucky they are that their divorces will go smoothly without all the angst of the Henry and Alice breakup (who are not really married anyway). Leo makes plans to have Camille over when he finds out about Jesse’s party. Leo’s in for a big surprise. Let the prenup challenge begin!

Bunny figures out that Ricky plans to propose to Amy. Nora figures it out too. Foster mom, Margaret, guesses and Ricky confirms it. The episode closes with Margaret asking the loaded question: “What could possibly happen that she wouldn’t say yes to a proposal of marrige from you?”

Guess we’ll find out next week in the summer finale.

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