Latest Secret Life Love Child: Jacob

Jordan Fisher plays Jacob (we don’t know his last name yet), the love child of Grace and Tom’s deceased daddy, Dr. Marshall Bowman, who worked in Africa so much, he had to start a new family over there. He’s only been dead like 5 years, but Jacob is teenager about to be sent to boarding school in Paris by his mother, whom we have yet to meet.

He begs Kathleen Bowman to let him come and live with her so he can meet his half-siblings, But Kathleen just can’t bring herself to say yes because she is concerned with giving her kids time to adjust to this earth-shaking news.

Her daughter, Grace, is currently ditching med camp for summer school and juggling two guys — well, she was trying to but one (Daniel) bowed out of the would-be love triangle. Her son, Tom, was having dinner with his ex-girlfriend, her two kids and her new boyfriend. These are kids that are totally not unfamiliar with blurring the boundaries, so it should be all good. In fact, ABC Family has already let it be known that Kathleen will relent and not force Jacob to learn French.

So who is Jordan Fisher? He is a 17 year old actor, singer and dancer. He’s 5′ 9″, 135 pounds and a high school graduate and has already begun his college education. Besides his role as Jacob on Secret Life, he will be appearing in an upcoming Disney movie entitled “Disney’s Teen Beach Musical.” He has his own website and you can follow him on twitter.

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