Jeopardy! Triple Stumpers April 12, 2016

Here are 5 clues that stumped the players in the 4-12-2016 Jeopardy! match.

Native Americans ($400) To indicate this type of transport in Plains Indian sign language, combine the signs for boat & fire.

Native Americans ($1000) The name of this tribe, the USA’s largest, comes from a word meaning “planted fields”, since they were farmers

Stuck in the Middle Word with You ($1600) It’s the “I” in an IRBM ballistic missile

Viral Video ($1600) The Title of this 1995 Dustin Hoffman film refers to the appearance of a deadly African virus in California

Poet-Tree ($400) This Longfellow hero heard the whispering of the pine trees

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More tough clues from today’s game in “Fighter Planes”, but not for the players:

($400) The F-14 Tomcats’ moveable swing wings can sweep through an arc of nearly 50 degrees in response to changes in this number, the ratio of an aircraft speed to the speed of sound.

($800) Code-named “Zeke” by the allies, Japan’s WWII Mitsubishi A6M fighter was better known by this numerical name.

($1200) This short name of a Russian designed Bureau was applied to jet fighters like the one seen here. (IMAGE)

($1600) A Paris tennis stadium is named for this fighter pilot, the first to mount a gun that fired through the propeller arc.

($2000) Designed for high altitude reconnaissance in the days before surveillance satellites, the Lockheed SR-71 still holds the world speed record for a manned jet — nearly 2,200 miles per hour. It’s known by this avian nickname.

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