10 Jeopardy! Clues September 29, 2017

Here are 6 triple stumpers from the 9-29-2017 Jeopardy! match.

SCIENCE FICTION ($600) In this William Gibson novel, the title Mona gets involved with a corporation called Sense/Net

“MENTAL” ADJECTIVES ($1000) Changing gradually through a series of steps

WHERE ARE YOU WEARING? ($1000) Dotted patterns are common on the fabric known as this muslin

THE RENAISSANCE ($1200) In the painting of 5 Renaissance masters, Ucello is to the left of this artist whose name rhymes with his
$1200 Renaissance clue (Jeopardy 9-29-17)

NATIONAL SPELLING BEE WINNING WORDS ($800) In 1948 the winning word was this medical branch that deals with the treatment & prevention of mental illness

ASIAN BODIES OF WATER ($2000) In the southeast corner of Iraq, this main port of the country is on a waterway call the Shatt Al-Arab

The players got these 4 clues in WORLD LEADERS:

($200) First name of the man who became Cuba’s head of state in 2008

($400) She was the daughter of a Pakistani PM & after she was slain in 2007, her husband became president

($600) In 2017, Mark Rutte won a third term as this country’s PM, defeating a right wing challenge from Geert Wilders

($1000) His father was purged in the 1960s but he became China’s president in 2013

The $800 clue was a Daily Double. Find that and more on this match on Fikkle Fame’s full Daily Recap

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