11 Jeopardy! Clues September 28, 2017

Here are 11 triple stumpers from the 9-28-2017 Jeopardy! match.

LET’S PLAY CHESS ($400) If an identical position occurs 3 times in a game, a player may declare this result, then go kiss his sister

($600) A tactic via which one piece attacks two opposing ones is called this, like a common dining utensil

($800) Trading a knight or bishop for one of these more valuable pieces is known as winning the exchange

($1000) Descriptive notation like PQ4 has been largely replaced by this “mathematical” kind, which would simply say d4

IPOs ($800) Drop the last 4 letters from the name of the app to get this company, the big IPO story of March 2017

($1000) The one of the 3 main consumer credit reporting bureaus that does not begin with “E”, it raised $664 million in 2015

DEEP UNDERGROUND ($1000) The cave seen here and its rough stalactites were formed as a result of the solidification of this$1000 Deep Underground (Jeopardy! clue 9-28-17)

WAYS TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY ($1200) Singularly, it means to feel remorse for; add an “S” to politely refuse an invite

($1600) This 8-letter synonym for sorry has its pros but now– specifically– its cons

GOING 24/7/365 ($400) In geometry, its a plane figure with 7 sides and 7 angles & despite what you may be thinking, it does not begin with “S”

($2000) After Bobby Seale got a separate trial, the group including Jerry Rubin & Abbie Hoffman got renamed this

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