7 Jeopardy! Clues September 22, 2017

Here are 7 triple stumpers from the 9-22-2017 Jeopardy! match.

TIME FOR A DRINK ($400) I’m gonna party like its 44 “B.C.”! mix me one of these, a Bloody Mary with Clamato rather than tomato juice

ANIMALS WITH BEASTLY NAMES ($800) The horned toad of the Americas isn’t a toad at all, nor even a frog, but one of these reptiles

INVESTING ($1600) It’s the “N” in NEC, Japan’s first joint venture with foreign investment; today, you can invest in the company too

($2000) The base interest rate, the minimum investors demand of a non-treasury security, also has this other “B” name

“GEO” PARTY ($800) For Nebraska, it’s the 2 word term for a spot 10 miles northwest of the town of Broken Bow

I’M NO ACQUITTER ($1600) When he was “The Law West of the Pecos”, he fined a corpse $40 for having a concealed weapon

($2000) “Hanging Judge” Matthew Begbie dished out justice in this Canadian province back when New Westminster was the capital

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