Jeopardy! Clues September 13, 2017

Here are 4 triple stumpers from the 9-13-2017 Jeopardy! match.

FOREIGN-SOUNDING TEXAS PLACES ($800) A land divided by Jordan, Egypt & Israel, or the seat of Anderson County, Texas

($1000) There’s one in Southern Italy, one in Florida & one in Texas near the Ark. border, “an old town with new horizons”

EAT IT! ($1,000) A Spanish word for a sloop gives us the name of this appetizer, a crisp corn tortilla “boat” filled with beef & cheese

BROADWAY COMPOSERS ($1,000) Playing an early version of one of his songs from “Avenue Q” helped him woo future “Frozen” partner Kristen Anderson

Here is the PAIRS FAMOUS category, where the answers were well-known pairs, only backwards. The players got them all.

($200) A bank employee paying out money at the counter & a common name for a University in West Philly

($400) A flour/water mixture used to stick papers together (don’t eat it, kids!) & an edit of a film in progress

($600) A Duracell item & one of the “A”s in th Marines’ AAV-7 vehicle

($800) A plant that grows & climbs around a support & the place that gts a “Hooray for” it in song

($1000) The first names of California Governor Brown & Nebraska Senator Sasse are less than delicious when paired

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