11 Jeopardy! Clues August 11, 2016

Here are 11 triple stumpers from the 8-11-2016 Jeopardy! match, a rerun of the first half of the 2-part final in the 2015 Tournament of Champions

WORDS IN FLOWERS ($1000) Take a sip of this sudsy potent potable (Click on the image for the flower name)
$1000 Jeopardy! clue in Words in Flowers (8-11-16)

WEBSITES ($1000) Deriving its name from the Latin for “book”, this site has used the slogan “Books you thought you’d never find”

THEIR MAIN INSTRUMENT ($800) Joe Bonamassa

“ANT” MAN ($600) From the Old French for “wandering”, it’s a person of no fixed address

THE TUDORS ($600) The Great House of Easement at the Tudors’ Hampton Court Palace was this type of room

RIGHT NOW SCIENCE ($800) Astronomers geared up for fireworks when the enormous gas cloud G2 passed Sagittarius A*, one of these

($1600) This spacecraft did a flyby of Pluto within 8,000 miles of the surface, showing it as never before

($2000) Research suggests Joseph “The Elephant Man” Merrick’s illness was this syndrome named for a shape-changing god

SNL ALUMNI ($2000) A two-time Tony winner, she also got big laughs as boozy cougar Carol on TBS’s “Sullivan & Son”
$2000 Jeopardy! clue in SNL Alumni (8-11-16)

AUTOLOGICAL WORDS ($1600) It’s a divided word, but without that little line or dash used to connect

MUSEUMS ($1600) South Kensington has a science museum, a natural history museum & a famed decorative arts museum named for this pair

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