12 Jeopardy! Clues July 7, 2017

Here are 7 triple stumpers from the 7-7-2017 Jeopardy! match.

HOW GREEN IS MY VALLEY ($600) The Iao Valley brings the green to this Hawaiian island known for its valleys.

LARRY ($1000) U2 was formed in this drummer’s kitchen

FRANCE VS. EVERYBODY ($2000) France recognized Victor Amadeus II as King of Sicily as the treaties of this Dutch city ended the Spanish War of Succession

DAY-“O” ($800) In 1948 Marion Richards began an annual June 4 holiday to honor the unmarried women she called these

($2000) In Russia Yuletide culminates on Jan 7, which is this religious occasion

ANA: ANOTHER NEW ACRONYM ($1600) “Bae” can refer to your baby or this acronym meaning she is first in your heart

($2000) On Instagram the last letter of MCM is Monday and the first 2 stand for this, maybe on LeBron or Eric Bana

The players got all these clues in THEATRE:

($200) USA’s review of this Disney’s musical called it “Pure genie-us”

($400) In Pygmalion, she eventually says she’ll marry Freddy Hill, not Henry Higgins

($600) This Thornton Wilder play premiered on Broadway in 1938 with Frank Craven as the stage manager

($800) He’s the milkman in the Russian village of Anatevka

($1000) In a Eugene O’Neill play, Paddy says “Sure, twas as if she’d seen a great hairy” one of these “escaped from the zoo”

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