10 Jeopardy! Clues July 6, 2016

Here are 10 triple stumpers from the 7-6-2016 Jeopardy! match.

3-LETTER WORDS WITH 2 VOWELS ($1000) In sushi speak, it’s unagi

HIT THE GYM ($600) Crunch Gym offers a class that focuses on the lower body called B.L.T., standing for butt & these related parts

($800) Sounding like the name of a seed company, it’s a squat thrust that’s started & finished in a standing position

DEATH IN VENICE ($1600) Before dying in Venice, Canaletto painted scenic views of the city for tourists like the one of this bridge seen here
$1600 Jeopardy! clue Death in Venice (7-6-16)

BOTANY ($2000) This “colorful” family of flowers, caryophyllaceae, includes the corn cockle & members of the genus dianthus

NOVEL VOCABULARY ($1600) Princess Betsy in “Anna Karenina” serves tea from one of these Russian-named silver urns

($2000) Swift says Gulliver made “A voyage or two into the Levant” which is on the shores of this sea

“L” ON WHEELS ($400) Jerry Seinfeld said these 3 letters on a Ford stood for “limited”, as in “how many of these damn things we can sell”

($800) It’s no myth that Acura introduced this luxury sedan in 1986

($1000) With 381 horsepower, the 2016 model of this Toyota behemoth can haul 8 passengers

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