10 Jeopardy! Clues June 9, 2016

Here are 5 triple stumpers from the 6-9-2016 Jeopardy! match.

STOCKS ($1200) Beastly term for underperforming stocks; a bargain-hunting investment fund is called these “of the Dow”

($1600) A stock order of less than 100 shares, or a 2-word term for our writers

BRITISH HISTORY ($1200) In 1840 the U.K. Post Office issued the world’s first postage stamps, the 2 penny blue & the penny this

($2000) Signaling change, Tony Blair ended his first speech as party leader with these 2 words, followed by “New Britain”

WORLD “G”EOGRAPHY In 1997 oil production began in the Hibernia oil field in this area of underwater plateaus off Eastern Canada

Here is the entire “PUNNY LITERARY TITLES” category. Only the $800 clue was a triple stumper.

($200) A small round pastry causes a blackout in Deepest Africa in this Joseph Conrad narrative

($400) Dostoyevsky’s story of ingrained dirt & guilt

($600) William Golding’s fable of rendered hog fat for insects marooned on an island

($800) W.Somerset Maugham’s chronicle about a beauty salon that specializes in dyeing hair pale yellow

($1000) Cooper’s historical fiction about the final batch of rum cocktails. For the correct responses, click show

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