11 Jeopardy! Clues June 30, 2017

Here are 7 triple stumpers from the 6-30-2017 Jeopardy! match.

THE PARENT COMPANY ($1000) Kitchenaid appliances: This appliance maker founded in 1898

STAY WOKE ($400) This musical “nap” the Bee Gees might like is taking a snooze to get ready to play hard later that night at a certain venue

($800) Jim Belushi (hey, you’re 1/3 of the way home right there!) raised 3 kids with Courtney Thorne-Smith on this show

($1000) Change one word in “The Good Wife” to get this 2017 show in which Christine Baranski returns as Diane Lockhart

20TH CENTURY NAMES ($2000) Crippled by cerebral palsy, this Irish writer learned to write, paint & type with his left foot

ANAGRAM OF A STATE ($1600) “high” or “tall” in French

($2000) In 2 words it’s what the Supreme Court said about the presidential race Dec. 12, 2000

Anagrams answersshow

The players got these 4 clues in “IT’S” A MOVIE. (They didn’t get to the $2000 clue, though it was probably a lot easier than that $2000 “Anagram of a State” clue!):

($400) 1946: Mr. Potter commits grand theft

($800) 1974: A newborn monster isn’t dead

($1200) 1963: A host of stars go on a crazy, crazy, crazy treasure hunt

($1600) 2009: Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin find things a bit complicated

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