11 Jeopardy! Clues June 30, 2016

Here are 6 triple stumpers from the 6-30-2016 Jeopardy! match.

WHERE AM I? ($200) I’m catching balls at the College Football Hall of Fame in this city that saw John Heismann legalize the forward pass for Georgia Tech in 1906
$200 Jeopardy clue: Where Am I? (6-30-16)

($1000) I’m on historic Boathouse Row along this river that flows into the Delaware.
$1000 Jeopardy clue: Where Am I? (6-30-16)

LEFTOVERS ($400) Fluffy, white & lethal, it was given Endangered Species Act Protection in May 2008

THE SUPREME COURT ($1600) He’s seen here near the beginning and near the end of his time on the Court, the longest of any Justice in history
$1600 Jeopardy clue: Supreme Court (6-30-16)

CENTRAL PARK ($1200) The oldest man-made object in the park, it originally stood on the banks of the Nile
$1600 Jeopardy clue: Central Park (6-30-16)

($2000) The name of this castle that houses a visitor center and nature observatory means “beautiful view in Italian”
$2000 Jeopardy clue: Central Park (6-30-16)

All clues were solved in the TV Musicians Category:

($400) Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem are the funktastic musicians of this entertainment group

($800) The title of this TV show about bandmates Jemaine & Bret is a pun on a 1973 aeronautic achievement

($1200) Sadgasm was the band that this animated TV dad fronted when he was a younger, angrier man, with hair

($1600) Jesse & the Rippers, a fictional band from this sitcom, reunited on Jimmy Fallon

($2000) Robert Kelly and John Ales and John Corbett are Heathens backing up Denis Leary on this triple-ampersand FX show

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