13 Jeopardy! Clues June 29, 2017

Here are 8 triple stumpers from the 6-29-2017 Jeopardy! match.

INVERTEBRATES ($1000) The giant triton species of this gastropod is protected in Australia because it eats starfish that feed on coral

SPORTS ($400) This last name of golfer David is applied to what he called a “correction shot”

LYRE, LYRE ($200) This biblical king was known for hanging a type of lyre called a kinnor above his bed to catch the wind

AT THE OPERA ($800) Vasek, a ninny, is the intended groom, but this Smetana title character has other ideas

($1200) Mario Andretti: Most people aren’t aware that I’m an opera lover & can sing several complete arias; I was about 10 when I saw my first opera– this one by Verdi in which the dying Violetta sings “Gran Dio! Morir si giovine”

WOODY ($1600) This jazz clarinetist fronted The Herd

ECONOMICS ($800) A downturn in the U.S. economy from 1836 to 1838 was partly caused by a lack of confidence in this common type of currency

($2000) This economist in the Bloomsbury Group theorized governments must practice deficit spending during depressions

The players got all these clues in FREQUENTLY BANNED BOOKS:

($400) This H. G. Bissinger book about a small-town Texas football squad was oft-penalized

($800) “The Perks of Being” this by Steven Chbosky became an Emma Watson film and got itself banned

($1200) Dave Pilkey made the list with his cheeky series about the character seen here, named Captain this

($1600) Profanity was one objection to this Katherine Paterson book about a structure to a fantastic place

($2000) The spectrum of challenged books includes “The Color Purple” and this first novel by Toni Morrison

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