11 Jeopardy! Clues June 23, 2017

The players got all these clues in the first round “ORANGE” category:

ORANGE ($200) This pro sports team’s longtime home was the Orange Bowl

($400) Invented 30 years ago, they now account for 2/3 of all carrot sales

($600) Wear an orange sweatshirt with a big “S” & you’re representing this Eastern University founded in 1870

($800) The Orange Revolution in this eastern European nation in 2004 was a people’s revolt against a tainted election

($1000) One of the longest on the continent, the Orange River forms a border between Namibia & this nation

They also got all the “CENTER”-TAINMENT clues in Round 2:

($400) “2-Minute Drill” & “Top 10” are segments on this ESPN show

($800) This No. 1 hit by the J.Geils Band is about what happens when “looking through a girlie magazine”

($1200) Take the subway to Atlantic & Flatbush Avenue to catch a music act or the NBA’s Nets at this venue

($1600) A biography of Paul Lynde, or his usual position on a classic Hollywood game show

($2000) King’s Palace, a vast chamber in Carlsbad Caverns, was a location in this James Mason film based on a Jules Verne story

Here is one triple stumper from the match:

AMERICAN ART ($1600) Just west of the Hudson Valley, these mountains provided the Hudson River School with great views
$1600 American Art clue (Jeopardy! 6-23-2017)

You’ll find 2 additional triple stumpers and much more on this match on Fikkle Fame’s full Daily Recap

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