9 Jeopardy! Clues June 19, 2017

Here are 9 triple stumpers from the 6-19-2017 Jeopardy! match.

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS ($800) Made of tiny crystals of quartz, this rock formed from silica was used in firearms of the 1600s

THE OLD PART OF TOWN ($1600) The spires of Prague’s Old Town are a lovely backdrop to the Charles Bridge over this river (Note: Alex Trebek gave the German name of the river)

AN AVIAN CATEGORY ($800) Saxophonist Charlie Parker was known as “Bird” or this longer version of the nickname

WEATHER ($800) The circular wind motion during this event goes clockwise in the S. Hemisphere; the Indian Ocean sees tropical ones

($1200) Erratic weather has been tied to this speedy air current in the troposphere varying from its east-west path

($1600) A category 4 hurricane hitting a wide and narrow continental shelf can produce a 20-foot this alliterative phrase

($2000) Brazil’s highest peak is 9,800 foot Pico da Neblina, neblina being this weather condition that surrounds the summit

MUSIC-“AL”S ($2000) She’s the London-born singer seen here
$2000 Music

EASY JAPANESE ($400) If you speak Eigo (and you do), you speak this

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