13 Jeopardy! Clues May 23, 2016

Here are 13 triple stumpers from the 5-23-2016 Jeopardy! match.

ITALIAN CITIES ($1000) Though Portugal claims him as a patron saint, St. Anthony is buried in this Italian city

ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY? ($600) Shakespeare began a sonnet, “When in disgrace with” this synonym for luck “and men’s eyes”

($800) This 11th c. man aka “The Lucky” converted his mom to Christianity; then mom built the first church in Greenland

AMERICAN HISTORY ($800) This Washington D.C. guest house of U.S. Presidents was named for an advisor to Andrew Jackson & built in 1824

($1000) Things went south, not west, for this presidential candidate in 1872. He lost to Ulysses Grant & died 3 weeks after the election
$1000 clue in U.S. History on May 23, 2016

WHOOPS ($1000) Y: You get 5 stars if you know it’s from Old English for “pride” or “boasting”

MY “BAD” ($400) 1979 No. 1 for Donna Summer

($600) Joan Jett didn’t give a damn that she had this, the title of her signature song

PREFIXATED ON SCIENCE ($1600) Hydro- refers to water & this prefix refers to water vapor

THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR FICTION ($1600) In 2009 winner “Olive Kitteridge”, 13 connected stories in this New England state pack a collective wallop

SCULPTORS ($400) A 2015-16 MoMA show of this Spaniard’s sculpture included a busty bust of his muse Marie-Therese Walter

($800) To create his Stone Mountain sculpture, he had to devise a magic lantern to project a sketch onto the mountain

THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO “HM” ($1200) This Yiddish word means “to gossip idly”

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