12 Jeopardy! Clues March 20, 2017

Here are 12 triple stumpers from the 3-20-2017 Jeopardy! match.

AUTO-MATIC WORDS ($400) Hyundai drivers know it’s a unique pattern of one’s speech

($600) Time to Rolls out this 7-letter word for an apparition

($800) It means “pertaining to a city” and it’s not the Honda Urban

GEOGRAPHY “B” ($200) Plaza Bolivar is this Colombian capital’s main square

BARE-KNUCKLE FIGHTING ($1000) In “48 Hrs.” this actor warns Eddie Murphy taht he fights dirty before sucker-punching him

PRE-CIVIL WAR AMERICA ($400) The first leg of the Pony Express included a ferry ride for horse & rider across this river to Elwood, Kansas (see Paragraph 3)

($2000) in 1811 The Pacific Fur Company established this fur trading post on the Columbia River

NFL EN ESPANOL ($1600) Las Aguilas

($2000) Los Cuervos

ISLAND PRISONS ($1200) For 18 years Nelson Mandela was jailed at Robben Island Prison, 6 miles north of this legislative capital

($2000) The island of Elba where Napoleon was first exiled is a few miles off the coast of this country that today it’s a part of

BARNACLE FIGHTING ($800) Success! I defeated the barnacle named for the neck of this bird. Now for some grog.

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