13 Jeopardy! Clues December 28, 2016

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Here are 8 triple stumpers from the 12-28-2016 Jeopardy! match.

ON SIRIUSXM RADIO ($800) Hats off to this country star who “ain’t goin’ down til the sun comes up” now that he got his own channel in 2016

KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COLLEGE ($1000) Named for a Supreme Court justice, it boasts Pulitzer winners Margo Jefferson & Thomas Friedman as alums

U.S. HISTORY ($1600) In 1911 the U.S. signed an agreement with Russia, Japan & the U.K. to protect the seal herds in this sea

($2000) In 1944 world powers met beneath the trees of this Georgetown mansion to lay the U.N.’s foundation

TITLE CHARACTERS ($1200) The 2 female named sitcoms that spun off from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

($2000) Jeannie was a genie & we guess this Larry Hagman character was the one who dreamed of her

ITALIAN GEOGRAPHY ($2000) Italy’s chief seaport, it lies on the northern end of the Ligurian Sea

ANTE “BELL”UM ($1600) Hyphenated French term for the study of fine literature

Here are the clues from the BILLY IDOL category which wasn’t about THE Billy Idol. The contestants got all of them.

($400) This musician had a sold-out 12 show run at Madison Square Garden in 2014 & keeps filling the place

($800) This evangelist had a 16-week crusade at Madison Square Garden in 1957

($1200) In April 1881 he was sentenced to be hanged, but ended up dying that July of bullet-related causes

($1600) Herman Melville died in 1891, leaving behind the tale of this sailor, unpublished for another 33 years

($2000) We’d know this evangelist who played major league baseball in the 1880s any day of the week

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