11 Jeopardy! Clues December 22, 2017

Here are 6 triple stumpers from the 12-22-2017 Jeopardy! match.

IDIOMS AROUND THE WORLD ($600) In the U.S. someone frantic has his hair in this state; in China the same thing happens to the eyebrows

AIRPORT CODES ($400) When Bill the Cat says, “ACK!”, he may mean the airport on this Massachusetts island

A MIGHTY LONG-NAMED RIVER ($1200) This one of Pittsburg’s 3 rivers rises in West Virginia and has a national forest named for it

SCULPTURE ($800) Doctors’ offices can have nice art & this organization put a 10-ton Louise Nevelson sculpture outside its D.C. building

($2000) Paul Cezanne’s art such as “Large Bathers” featuring reclining nudes was a major influence on this British sculptor

FEARLESS GIRL ($2000) Marlee & Liz are 12-year-old girls whose 1950s friendship helps fight segregation in “The Lions of” this state capital

The players got all these clues in “I KNOW THAT PERFORMER’S FACE!”

($400) David Moore played a doctor on “St. Elsewhere”, George Washington in “John Adams”, & a prison guard in this Tom Hanks film
$400 I Know That Face clue (Jeopardy! 12-22-17)

($800) Jennifer Coolidge, a regular in Christopher Guest films and on “2 Broke Girls, was also Stifler’s mom in this 1999 comedy
$800 I Know That Face clue (Jeopardy! 12-22-17)

($1200) A big 2015 for Judy Greer, who was Bryce Dallas Howard’s sis in “Jurassic World” and Paul Rudd’s ex in this Marvel-ous pic
$1200 I Know That Face clue (Jeopardy! 12-22-17)

($1600) Before playing Kent on “Veep”, Gary Cole put a live cougar in his son Ricky Bobby’s car in this film
$1600 I Know That Face clue (Jeopardy! 12-22-17)

($2000) Memorable roles of the late Powers Booth included Vice President Noah Daniels on “24” and Curly Bill Brocius in this 1993 western
$2000 I Know That Face clue (Jeopardy! 12-22-17)

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