10 Jeopardy! Clues December 21, 2017

Here are 6 triple stumpers from the 12-21-2017 Jeopardy! match.

BLANK “UM” ($600) Located in Buenos Aires, it’s the type of building & museum seen here
$600 Blank

MONGOLIAN ($800) Daisy Ridley narrated the feel-good Mongolia movie of 2016, about a girl learning to hunt using this bird

REGULAR WORD & ACRONYM ($1200) Regular: a waterproof protector sheet; Acronym: a subprime fiasco program

MEDICAL HISTORY ($1600) Now heart disease & cancer are the most common ways to die; in 1900 it was pneumonia or this malady ending in “A”

“CHRIS”TENING ($1600) In 1935 Mr. and Mrs. Javacheff of Bulgaria named their little future artist this

($2000) IMF head LaGarde

The players only got to 4 of the clues in FOLKLORE, but they got them all:

($200) In a darker Swiss tale, this septet is killed & their cottage burned to the ground

($400) The less profound moral of this man’s “The Boy & the Filberts”: grab fewer nuts & your hand won’t be stuck

($600) Folklore from the eastern part of India tells of a jackal who outwits this type of Indian king

($800) Wicked ones are a staple of folktales; even Japan has them, like the one in “The Mirror of Matsuyama”

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