8 Jeopardy! Clues November 9, 2017

Here are 8 triple stumpers from the 11-9-2017 Jeopardy! match.

ITALIAN FOOD ($400) This Italian ham is mentioned in the classic 1622 Italian poem “The Rape of the Bucket”

SATISFYING ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS ($1200) The 2 major types of life insurance are cash value & this, which offers temporary protection but no savings component

($1600) Investing in your niece’s Indie film? In case she doesn’t finish, you should be insured by a completion type of this

THE SILVER SCREEN ($800) Penny Singleton colored her hair to play this Chic Young comic strip heroine in 28 movies

WHERE & WHEN? ($1200) Pearl Harbor is bombed: island, day of the week

($2000) Alexander the Great dies: continent, milennium

MECHANICS ($1600) Physics textbooks say all motion is relative to this kind of frame

A SHOWER OF SCHOPENHAUER ($2000) After studying Hinduism, Schopenhauer declared these Vedic scriptures a major influence on his thinking

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