14 Jeopardy! Clues November 30, 2016

Here are 9 triple stumpers from the 11-30-2016 Jeopardy! match.

16 TONS ($1000) The largest fish in the world, it’s known to tip the scales at 16 tons

ALSO FOUND ON A CAR ($1600) An athlete who inspires his teammates; Draymond Green is said to be the Warriors’

STATE FLAGS ($1600) This sailing accessory can be found on the flags of both

BEAR WITH US ($1600) We’re an American bear! Ursus Americanus, we’re coming to your town, we’re 600 pounds, we’re an American bear!

($2000) The sun bear of this Thai peninsula is the smallest bear species only 3 feet long

SHORT STORIES ($1600) Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Celestial Railroad” is an allegory based on this John Bunyan work

THE ERIE CANAL ($400) When the Canal opened in 1825, it was only 4 feet deep & ran 363 miles from Albany to this city on Lake Erie

($1600) In part, the Canal snakes its way through the valley of this river named for a Nativ Amer. tribe that once lived there

($2000) New York Governor from 1817 to 1823, this man with a familiar political last name lead the effort to fund & build the Canal.

Here are the 5 clues in THE COMPANY STORE that didn’t stump anyone:

($200) You know the tea at the Teavana at the mall is good, as the company was acquired by this hot drinks behemoth in 2012

($400) This store has an online Angel Bra Guide that you can consult before visiting

($600) This auto supply store named for Manny, Moe & Jack has a proprietary brand called Definity

($800) This hyphenated upscale store that’s “inspiring cooks everywhere” sells all-clad & its own line of bakeware

($1000) “Hit Fashion” offerings at this “scorching” clothier include Cosplay, Steampunk & Goth

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