10 Jeopardy! Clues November 29, 2016

Here are 5 triple stumpers from the 11-29-2016 Jeopardy! match.

WINNING! ($1000) I’m NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. In 2004 & 2012 I won the Darlington 500 in this southern state

OSCAR-WINNING SHORTS ($2000) This director of “Fort Apache” was wounded while filming the 1942 Oscar-winning short “The Battle of Midway”

HELL ($1200) Milton used this word for the capital of hell; now it means wild confusion

($2000) In Greek mythology the gods consigned their enemies to this lowest region of Hades

DAM NATION ($2000) Gatun Dam

The players got all the clues in KIDS’ BOOKS:

($200) Huckleberry Finn first shows up in this novel

($400) Book 4 of “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” is “The Battle of” this mythological maze

($600) In the original story by Felix Salten, this character is born in a thicket & has cousins named Gobo & Faline

($800) This 1982 Roald Dahl work about a large fellow became a 2016 film

($1000) The title page of the first edition of this 1877 novel claims it was “translated from the original equine”

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