10 Jeopardy! Clues November 27, 2017

Here are 6 triple stumpers from the 11-27-2017 Jeopardy! match.

KEEP IT DOWN ($800) Roger Maltbie’s hushed golf commentary voice earned him the punning nickname this “Whisperer”

MOUNTAINS ($1000) The trio seen here tops out just around 10,000 ft. in this range of the Alps with the same name as a mineral$1,000 Mountains clue (Jeopardy! 11-27-17)

WET SCIENCE ($2000) The lake in the center of the Kawah Ijen this in Indonesia has a pH of less than 1

A MANIA FOR MANIAS ($1600) Similar to TV detective Monk, you have a compulsive desire to do this if you have arithmomania

BOOKS & AUTHORS ($1600) “The Encircling Sea” is a chapter in her nonfiction book “The Sea Around Us”

RUSSIA “N” ($2000) It follows “Nizhny” in the name of the Russian City formerly known as Gorky

Here are 4 clues the players got in from CRIME TIME:

($400) The Watergate break-in: June 17 of this election year

($800) The 1929 massacre of 7 of Bugs Moran’s guys: this day

($1200) The Black Dahlia murder: this decade

($1600) The Gardner Museum heist: this day in 1990, as Boston was sleeping off St. Paddy’s Day

The $2,000 clue was a Daily Double. You’ll find that and more on this match on Fikkle Fame’s full Daily Recap

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