15 Jeopardy! Clues November 23, 2017

Here are 15 triple stumpers from the 11-23-2017 Jeopardy! match.

REBEL WITHOUT A PULSE ($1000) Who? Wat? When? 1381! Why? Wat, with this last name, died leading a rebellion vs. forced labor

“WEST” SIDE STORY ($800) The Allenby Bridge takes travelers into this territory

SHARKS & JETS ($800) Most sharks have 5 pairs of these– those with 7 are among the oldest shark species in existence

($1000) The first jetliner, the Comet, came in 1949 from this British company that could be in the cast of “Gone with the Wind”

I LIKE TO BE IN NUMERICAL ORDER ($400) Like Presidential succession, with Vice President 1, House Speaker 2 & this Senate position 3

($600) Like these U.S. states that start with the same letter, Nos. 48 & 49

LINE CRAFT ($400) He took his continuous line drawing into 3 dimensions with sculptures that got him nicknamed “King of Wire”

($1200) Check out the lines crafted by this Dutch painter in his “Broadway Boogie Woogie”$1200 Line Craft clue (Jeopardy! 11-23-17)

($2000) This man from Bern said “drawing is like taking a line for a walk” and here’s one of his strolls
$2000 Line Craft clue (Jeopardy! 11-23-17)

AFRICAN LITERATURE ($400) Alan Paton’s novel “Cry, the Beloved Country” focused on the fight for freedom & justice in this country

($800) Joseph Mbele’s “Matengo Folktales” includes a story about one of these long-eared beasts outwitting a lion

COME UP TO THE LAB ($800) From the Latin for “growing plants”, it’s a lab specimen proliferated to identify the possible source of a disease

($1200) a revolutionary gene-editing tool is called by this acronym sounding just like a refrigerator drawer

POLITICAL QUOTES ($2000) In 1964 Barry Goldwater said, “I would remind you that” this -ism “in the defense of liberty is no vice”

FOR A SONG ($1200) Roy Orbison recorded this song years before Van Halen’s 1982 hit

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