11 Jeopardy! Clues November 17, 2017

Here are 7 triple stumpers from the 11-17-2017 Jeopardy! match.

STATE BY COUNTIES ($1000) Time to give you a Hand (County); we’ll throw in Walworth & Yankton

HISTORIC OBJECTS ($600) The ancient Persian artifact called the “Spring of Khosrow” was this, reputedly covering 40,000 square feet

PUBLISHING ($600) After buying Harper & Row, Rupert Murdoch made another merger & turned it into this giant

TYPES OF MOVIES ($800) This alliterative term can refer to any type of olden furniture as well as a movie set in olden times

WORLD THEATER ($1200) This gentleman was a typical character in the 17th century’s Golden Age of Spanish theater; Disney had 3 of him

5 EXES ($800) When Paula Abdul became an ex-judge on “American Idol”, this talk show host was brought in to fill her shoes

4 O’S ($2000) This Spanish sherry is “O” so good

Here are 4 clues from MUSICAL GROUP NAMES DEFINED that the players got:

($200) The fatty part of milk

($400) Home to Fenway Park

($600) In 3 letters, what your mom gives you when you’re sick

($800) A shoddy joke to pull on someone

The $1000 clue was a Daily Double. You’ll find that and more on this match on Fikkle Fame’s full Daily Recap

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