7 Jeopardy! Clues October 6, 2016

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Here are 2 triple stumpers from the 10-6-2016 Jeopardy! match.

125 YEARS OF CARNEGIE HALL ($1600) In 1906 Mark Twain presided at this great educator’s Tuskegee Institute Silver Anniversary Lecture
$1600 Jeopardy! Carnegie Hall clue (10-6-2016)

GREEK HISTORY ($1600) In 480 B.C. this son of Darius invaded Greece but the Greek Navy defeated him at the Bay of Salamis & he returned to Persia

These clues are from the “MAKE AMERICA GRATE AGAIN” category in the first round. The players responded correctly to all of them.

($200) “Reggiano” is part of the Italian name of this hard cheese that’s grated over pasta dishes

($400) You might surmise that the gratable cheese known as Capricious is made from this animal’s milk

($600) A-S-I-A are the first 4 letters of this hard cheese, but it’s not from Asia, it’s from the Veneto foothills in Italy

($800) Caerphilly, a cheese named for a town in this U.K. country, is known as “the crumblies”

($1000) The cheese called “Pecorino” this “capital” name was written about by Pliny the Elder

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