12 Jeopardy! Clues October 3, 2017

Here are 2 triple stumpers from the 10-3-2017 Jeopardy! match.

LITERA-CHURCH ($800) It’s the planetary title of Ken Follett’s historical fiction about the building of a 12th century cathedral

($1000) The title of this play set in 1170 comes to fruition when a priest defies a king

The players got all these clues in these two Double Jeopardy! categories:


($400) In this movie, Steve Carrell’s inexperience is revealed to his buddies over a card game

($800) Javier Bardem won an Oscar playing a hit man in this Coen Brothers film

($1200) Sophia Loren turns up to tempt Walter Matthau in this even more cranky sequel

($1600) Will Ferrell is among those trying to get back his college spirit in this comedy

($2000) This quirky Korean revenge flick was remade by Spike Lee in 2013


($400) No, it’s a goofy type of person, from the name of a Jim Nabors character

($800) Yes, it’s a small boat; take out the “H” and you get a word meaning “dirty”

($1200) No, it’s a place right before Kalkaska on the alphabetical list of Michigan counties

($1600) Yes, it’s this 7-letter item seen in a church or an auditorium

($2000) No, it’s a foreign person to the Japanese

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