12 Jeopardy! Clues October 24, 2016

Here are 12 triple stumpers from the 10-24-2016 Jeopardy! match.

THE GIG ECONOMY ($1000) Here’s the “deal”– Nvidia’s Geforce GTX TITAN Z, one of these, has 12 gigs of memory & is billed as a “gaming monster”

CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE ($1000) She is “exquisitely gowned in a skeleton leaf… through which her figure could be seen to the best advantage”

ISLANDS ($600) Logically, it’s the main island of Canada’s second-biggest metropolis

IN COGNITO ($400) In sum it precedes “ergo”

THE NEW GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION ($2000) She’s breaking boundaries as Litchfield prisoner Sophia Burset on “Orange is the New Black”
$2000 Jeopardy clue in Television (10-24-16)

THE SOPRANOS ($1200) Born in Laurel, Mississippi she broke ground as one of the first African Americans to achieve world fame in opera
$1200 Jeopardy clue in The Sopranos (10-24-16)

($2000) This down under diva with a Maori name had an over 30-year career on the opera stage

VEEP ($1200) Seen here are GOP rivals Vice President Nixon and this future 70s Veep
$1200 Jeopardy clue in Veep (10-24-16)

($1600) She’s seen here with hubby Juan shortly before becoming his VP in 1973 and his successor in 1974
$1600 Jeopardy clue in Veep (10-24-16)

($2000) President Truman and this Veep of his, a former Kentucky senator, are all smiles on Inauguration Day
$2000 Jeopardy clue in Veep (10-24-16)

BREAKING BAD ($1200) In 1985 this Redskin QB’s career came to a gruesome end when he broke his leg on “Monday Night Football”

($2000) When the bone breaks only on one side, it gets this “colorful” name that’s fit for the forest

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