9 Jeopardy! Clues October 20, 2017

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Here are 9 triple stumpers from the 10-20-2017 Jeopardy! match.

STREAMING EPISODES ($1000) “Tape 1, Side A” & “Tape 7, Side A”

AROUND THE JEOPARDY! LIBRARY ($400) The more than 6,000 entries in the “Food Lover’s Companion” include this dish made by stirring hot stock into sauteed rice

THE 20TH CENTURY ($800) This system of 3D photography was invented in the 1940s; the 1960 invention of the laser made it much more efficient

($1000) Forces of this nation held off Vietminh attacks at Dien Bien Phu for 56 days but finally surrendered on May 7, 1954

STREAMING EPISODES ($400) Windsor & Gloriana

ON THE PERIODIC TABLE ($2000) Radioactive element named for American chemist Glenn

DOING BUSINESS IN THE 1800s ($800) How’s a mill or mine owner to make a living with laws like the Mass. one in 1842 limiting these workers to a 10-hour day

($2000) Dickens’ United Metropolitan improved hot muffin & crumpet baking & Punctual Delivery Co. was a joint this Co.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN ($1600) In 1995, decades after the assassination of her husband Medgar, she became head of the NAACP

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