8 Jeopardy! Clues October 16, 2017

Here are 4 triple stumpers from the 10-16-2017 Jeopardy! match.

ALSO A FRIENDS CHARACTER ($1000) A moon of Saturn
(the character)

AT THE “M”PORIUM ($600) Got a lovely shrubbery for you: this evergreen whose name is on a famous beach

WITH YOUR HAND ($400) When doing this with one hand, try using a cascade, shower or column pattern & try not to drop anything

BIOPICS OF BRITS ($800) Renee Zellweger played “Miss” her, looking for a publisher for her and Peter Rabbit

The players got all these clues in THE HISTORY BOOKSHELF:

($400) Charles C. Mann’s work entitled this year, subtitled “New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus”

($800) Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and” this

($1200) Barbara Tuchman’s “The Guns of” this month, 1914

($2000) The best-selling “A People’s History of the United States” by this activist and Boston University professor

The $1600 clue was a Daily Double. Find that and more on this match on Fikkle Fame’s full Daily Recap

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