12 Jeopardy! Clues October 12, 2017

Here are 7 triple stumpers from the 10-12-2017 Jeopardy! match.

MEN & WOMEN OF LETTERS ($800) Sci-fi author James Graham

THE END IS NEAR ($400) The standard 9-month term of the group seen here normally ends in this month

EIGHTYSOMETHING ($1600) In 2015 at 86 this Mesa Petroleum billionaire started an alliterative “podcast” with his thoughts on energy

STARTS OR ENDS WITH A TREE ($800) A guru’s retreat in India.

($2000) Slang for a detective

GEOGRA”P” ($800) We’ll bill you if you can’t come up with the name of this 900-mile-long tributary of the Rio Grande

($1000) National adjective for a 90-mile-long “corridor” of land extending to Gdansk that helped spark World War II

The players got all these clues in OUT-OF-DATE TV TITLES:

($200) What will we call this CW show since the title character lost her virginity in 2016?

($400) How can this Fox comedy’s title be true if Zooey Deschanel moved in years ago?

($600) Since Selina Meyer has been president, I think it’s time for this HBO show of hers to upddate is title

($800) When the very male Todd joined this show, Will Forte cease to be exactly the title character

($1000) The title of this man’s ABC talk show says “Live!”, but the show is taped hours earlier

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