11 Jeopardy! Clues January 9, 2018

Here are 11 triple stumpers from the 1-9-2018 Jeopardy! match.

SHOES ($800) This shoe brand that expanded into handbags & other accessories was named for its original address on 57th St. in NYC

POP CULTURE VILLAINS ($1000) As Victor Kiriakis on “Days of Our Lives”, this father of a TV star has put in 30+ years of all kinds of villainy

BUGS MEANIE ($1000) The Book of Joel says, “That which” this bug left “hath the cankerworm eaten” & what was still left, hath the caterpillar eaten

LAX LUTHER ($800) Luther mocked a friend who could only drink down to the top ring in a special wine mug, representing this, aka the Decalogue

A BOUNTY OF BAHNEN ($1600) The “O” in Adelaide’s track-guided OBahn bus way came from this word

($2000) Depending on the city, the “S” in S-Bahn can stand for stadt (“city”) or for this German word for “fast”

THE DONALD ($1200) Remember the Bugs Meanie category? Bugs bullied this supersmart boy detective created by Donald Sobol

($1600) In “Singin’ in the Rain”, this song-&-dance man made us laugh with “Make ’em Laugh”

($2000) With college friend Walter Becker, he founded Steely Dan

IOWA HISTORY ($800) In 1873 near Adair, Iowa, this outlaw & his gang hit the Rock Island line in the “first train robbery in the West”

($1200) In 2011 Iowa got its first whitewater rafting park, naturally on this river with well-known rapids

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