8 Jeopardy! Clues January 5, 2018

Here are 8 triple stumpers from the 1-5-2018 Jeopardy! match.

FEAR FACTOR ($200) A new & growing condition is nomophobia, the fear of losing access to this– is there a charger nearby?

TO THE SALT LAKE CITY ($800) Recalling a great moment in state history, bronze seagulls perch on a monument in this square, named for a building
$800 Salt Lake City clue (Jeopardy! 1-5-18)

BOOKS & AUTHORITIES ($2000) For openly dealing with apartheid, some of this woman’s novels were banned in her native South Africa
$800 Salt Lake City clue (Jeopardy! 1-5-18)

NIKOLA TESLA ($2000) These 2 Balkan nationalities claim the great inventor; in a 1936 telegram he said he was proud of both

AM I BLUE? ($1200) Jamie Foxx seemed to get a charge out of playing this Peter Parker foe in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

($2000) Movie audiences saw a lot of blue as Billy Crudup played Dr. Manhattan in this 2009 film

THEY NAMED A SHIP FOR ME ($2000) The first Vietnam vet in the House, this long-serving Pennsylvanian had a ship christened in his name in 2015
$800 Ship clue (Jeopardy! 1-5-18)

-ISMS & -OLOGIES ($1200) Steve Reich is a leader in this music style marked by simple & austere compositions

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