11 Jeopardy! Clues January 26, 2018

Here are 11 triple stumpers from the 1-26-2018 Jeopardy! match.

DURING THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY ($400) In 2010 this group released a trove of 250,000 classified diplomatic cables

($1000) In 2011 Utah became the first state with an official this, a Browning; the bill’s sponsor said it captures part of Utah’s history

TV SHOWS BY WORKPLACE ($800) The WJM-TV newsroom

THE FABRICS OF OUR LIVES ($600) For the ladies 19th c. New England stores, like in Old Sturbridge Village, had to stock the latest like this fabric named for a large Indian city. The fashion would vary between darker & lighter colors & busier & plainer prints

CREDITORS & PREY ($1200) “Negative” this from the Latin for “death”, happens when a monthly loan installment can’t even cover the interest

VICTORIAN ARCHITECTURE ($800) In 1901 Queen Victoria died at Osborne House, built to royal specifications on this isle

RIVERS ($800) Here’s the famed Lorelei rock in this European river

($1200) Home to the Houses of Parliament, this palace was rebuilt in Gothic Revival style after an earlier building burned in 1834

($2000) You can see why an 1892 building at the University of Liverpool inspired this term for a university other than Oxford or Cambridge
$2,000 Victorian Architecture clue (Jeopardy! 1/26/2018)

SWORD CINEMA ($2000) Cryptic inscriptions are etched on the Atlantean sword used by this film character out of pulp stories

ENDS WITH “Z” ($1600) The name of this type of brandy is from a Croatian word for plum

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