16 Jeopardy! Clues January 25, 2017

Here are 16 triple stumpers from the 1-25-2017 Jeopardy! match.

SPORTS ABBREV. ($600) A group for pugilists: WBC

BUSINESSES ($400) This company’s 1st product was wood picture frames; doll furniture made from wood scraps changed its emphasis to toys

($600) In 1903 William Ellis Corey became the second president of this iron-strong company

($1000) Last name of Henry David, whose Kansas company starting making dungarees in 1911

SAILOR TALK ($600) This process of removing a ship from active service can be emotional for the crew

($800) The direction a boat is heading can be referred to by this “pointy” term

($1000) It sounds a bit like the boss of the boat but it means the type of rope winding apparatus seen here
$1000 Sailor Talk Jeopardy clue (1-25-17)

THE WORKS OF ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON ($1,200) Stevenson’s short novel “The Ebb-Tide” follows 3 beggars operating in the port of Papeete on this Pacific Island

MOVIE MUSICAL ROLES ($2000) She played Coco & sang the title tune from “Fame”– she was gonna live forever… do you remember her name?

THE WORLD AT WAR ($1600) On Oct. 20, 1944 Douglas MacArthur fulfilled this 3-word promise he’d made to the Philippine people in 1942

($2000) This Japanese admiral planned and led the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor

FAR OUT! ($1200) The 5th-brightest star in the nighttime sky, Vega, is often called the harp star because it’s in this harp constellation

($1600) This Mount’s observatory was built in 1904 near Pasadena because the air above it is the steadiest in North America

WE HAVE “U” SURROUNDED! ($800) The science of soil cultivation

($1600) To attest to someone’s character

OVER HILL, OVER DALE ($2000) Clint Hill, an agent with this part of the government from 1958 to 1975, leaped to fame in November 1963

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