10 Jeopardy! Clues January 24, 2018

Here are 10 triple stumpers from the 1-24-2018 Jeopardy! match.

THE GOLD STANDARD ($800) To combat the Depression, FDR moved the U.S. off the standard shortly after taking office in this year

($1000) Off the standard for decades, the U.S. issues this kind of money backed by decree, Latin for “let it be done”

ONLY GEOGRAPHY ($400) The only continent without glaciers

BALLET ($400) “Fall River Legend” is based on her real-life murder trial of the 1890s

($600) A cowgirl rides a bucking bronco in Scene 1 of this western ballet

SPORTS UPSETS ($1000) On Aug. 13, 1919, a 100-1 shot came in as this horse lost his only race to the fittingly named Upset

SOUNDS LIKE MY FIRST MARRIAGE ($800) In the 6th century, Khadijah, 15 years his senior, was the first of his 11 wives

($2000) In the 1660s Maria Cotton was this Boston preacher’s stepsister & first wife

LET’S TALK DESSERT ($1200) To make bad news easier to bear; it’s also done to sweeten some donuts

($1600) Fair skin is described as this mixture of fruit & dairy, used by Ringo Starr as a descriptive in “You’re 16”

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