11 Jeopardy! Clues January 17, 2018

Here are 6 triple stumpers from the 1-17-2018 Jeopardy! match.

DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS ($2000) Diacritical mark used to represent vowel sounds like the A in ago

FORBES WEALTHIEST FAMILIES IN THE U.S. ($800) The Carnegie family didn’t make the list, but this other Pennsylvania family did, landing at No. 22 with $11.5 billion

($2000) Hyatt Hotels has been good for this Chicago family, No. 7 with $29 billion

WORLD CAPITALS ($800) Among the many sights to see in this capital is the home where Albert Einstein lived from 1903 to 1905.

THE TV DEVIL ($1600) Sam Oliver worked as a bounty hunter who captures fugitive souls for the devil on this “grim” show

IN THE “D” TALES ($1200) This Thomas Mann novella mentions “the airy splendor of the… Bridge of Sighs, the columns of lion and saint on the shore”

Here are the clues from one of the categories that Lee Quinn ran, PRESIDENTIAL BURIAL PLACES:

($200) Independence, Missouri

($400) Stonewall, Texas

($600) Grand Rapids, Michigan

($800) Abilene, Kansas

($1000) Kinderhook, New York

Today’s Daily Doubles and more information on Final Jeopardy! on Fikkle Fame’s full Daily Recap

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