Final Jeopardy: Presidential Children

The Final Jeopardy question (9/19/2012) in the category “Presidential Children” was:

1 of his 5 sons was born in New Brunswick, Canada.

New champ, Penny Citrola won $17,800 yesterday, and she can add to that if she can beat these two new players: Dan Elg, originally from Wheaton, IL and  Veronica Mance, from Chevy Chase, MD.

Dan found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Singapore.” He was in the lead with $3,800, $2,400 more than Penny, who was in second place. He bet $1,500, guessed ‘hyacinth’ and he was WRONG.

Named for the woman in whose garden it was discovered, the Vanda Miss Joachim, the first hybrid of this plant grown in Singapore, is the country’s national flower. show

Penny finished in the lead with $5,000. Dan was second with $1,500 and Veronica was last with $1,200.

Dan found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Physicists.” He was in second place with $5,500, half of Penny’s lead. He bet $3,500, thought it was a feather and that was WRONG.

In 1797 Henry Cavendish began a measurement of gravitation popularly known as an effort to weigh this. show

We didn’t get to see the last Daily Double because the round ended with the whole category “Platonic Fiends” untouched and several other clues still on the board.

Penny had another runaway going on with $11,000. Veronica was next with $4,400 and Dan was in third place with $3,600.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. was the fourth son of the 32nd U.S. President, born in on August 17, 1914 at the Roosevelts’ summer retreat on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. More trivia items about FDR’s son are a short biography on IMDB)

Dan got it right and bet $3,597. He finished with $7,197.

Veronica wrote down Eisenhower, who had two sons, the first-born died at age 3. The second, John, just turned 90 on August 3rd. She lost $4,300 and finished with $100.

Penny wrote down Teddy Roosevelt, who had 4 sons, all born in the USA. She lost $2,000 on that but still had enough left over to remain champion and come back tomorrow. Her 2-day total is $26,800.

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