Final Jeopardy: New Olympic Sports

The Final Jeopardy question (7/25/2012) in the category “New Olympic Sports” was:

This sport introduced in Summer 2000 plays out over a raised area 16-1/2 feet long & 9-1/2 feet wide.

3-day champ Andy Baggarly is on a roll. He’s been winning better than $20K a day. Can he rack up another big payday? Only if he can beat these new contestants: Sue Meloy from Lincoln, CA and  Doug Thornton from Chesterfield, VA.

Doug found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “1870s.” He was in second place with $2,600, only $400 behind Andy in the lead. He bet $2,000 and he was RIGHT.

On June 16, 1870, this was dedicated in Atlantic City; at the end of the summer season, it was taken apart & stored. show

Andy finished in the lead with $5,800. Doug was next with $5,200 and Sue was last with $3,400.

Andy found the first Double Jeopardy Daily Double in “Biographies.” He just got the lead back and had $11,800, $600 more than Doug. He bet $1,200 and he was RIGHT.

Hertha Pauli’s 1942 biography of this man was subtitled “Dynamite King, Architect of Peace.” show

Sue found the last Daily Double in “Flora of Central America.” She had $10,200, $2,800 behind Andy’s lead. She bet $3,000, guess “nectar” and that was WRONG.

The aristolochia vine’s foul odor attracts insects that are then trapped alive inside the flower and later released with a coating of this substance, vital to the plant’s reproduction. show

Despite that setback, Sue rebounded big time and took over the lead. She finished with $15,200. Andy was next with $12,200 and Doug was in third place with $12,000.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Despite seeming like an activity you did in your backyard when you were 10, trampoline debuted as an Olympic sport in 2000. Gymnasts take to the trampoline, somersaulting and flipping as stern-faced judges keep score.

Precise technique and perfect body control are vital for success, with judges delivering marks for difficulty, execution and time of flight, minus penalties,” Olympic officials say.” (CNN: The 20 Strangest Olympic Sports)

Doug got it and added $10,000 to finish with $22,000.

Andy thought it was sumo wrestling, not an Olympic sport. That cost him $11,801 and he finished with $399.

Sue wrote down fencing, which has been an Olympic sport since the first modern Olympics in 1896. She lost $9,201 and wound up in second place with $5,999.

So Doug is the new champ and the one with the $20K+ payday today. Way to go, Doug!

Random Clue: In the category “Gas” Up, none of the contestants knew the answer to this clue: “To manipulate events, as Charles Boyer does to Ingrid Bergman to make her think she’s crazy.” It was a surprise to hear Alex say he never heard the term either. “Gaslight” is actually the title of the famous 1944 Boyer/Bergman movie where he tries to drive her crazy to get her inheritance. Steely Dan referenced the term in 2000 with “Gaslighting Abbie,” the first track of their Grammy-winning album “Two Against Nature.” TCM has a lot of popular culture info on “Gaslight,” but not the Steely Dan song.

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